New Kitchen Beginnings

We’ve literally been talking about renovating our kitchen since we bought our house 10 years ago (ok, well… maybe just me ;), where we inherited the shabby chic, country kitchen which I didn’t love, and there was just not enough storage. A serious issue for an interior designer, not to mention no storage with the three kids and a pup! Hubby suggested tack-on pantries to help with the storage issue but it needed a major overhaul so we took the plunge and got our plans together and decided to open the whole thing up by knocking out walls and building a deck off the back. I tell ya what though, council was a nightmare to deal with (not unexpected), and it sat on their desk in a pile for 4 months before we had to enquire and discover it been sitting untouched for months which delayed the entire project and now we are scrambling to finish before xmas. But… we have started, and there were absolutely NO tears as we said goodbye to our country chic, storage-less kitchen! See ya!!